Medizinische Hypnose durch virtuelle Realität über ein Abonnement ohne Mindestlaufzeit

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Frequently Asked Questions

My account Creating my account

Why should I create a HypnoVR account?
Your HypnoVR account gives you access to all of HypnoVR’s software. Soon, you will also be able to use it to access your usage statistics.

How do I create a HypnoVR account?
You can create a HypnoVR account by clicking the “Buy” button on the home page at

Who can create a HypnoVR account?
HypnoVR is for healthcare professionals only. If you are an individual and would like to use HypnoVR, please talk with your doctor or send us his or her details via so we can get in touch.

My account Using my account

Can I use HypnoVR on multiple virtual reality headsets?
Depending on your subscription package, your HypnoVR account can be used on one or three headsets simultaneously.

My account Payment methods

What payment methods are accepted for my subscription?
Currently, you can sign up for a HypnoVR subscription online with a credit card. If you would like to use another payment method, please contact us by email at

My account Making changes to my account

How do I change my subscription?
To change your subscription, please email us at

My account Forgotten password

Please click the link on the account sign-in page. We will send you an email so that you can reset your password.

Virtual reality hardware Virtual reality headsets

Does HypnoVR work with all virtual reality headsets?
HypnoVR currently works with the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. Simply connect these headsets to a compatible smartphone (Gear) or a compatible PC (Rift) and headphones. You can email us at for recommendations on compatible hardware.
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Virtual reality hardware Using the hardware

Can patients who wear glasses keep them on with the headset?
Depending on the type of glasses, patients can generally use the virtual reality headsets with their glasses on.

Can the image sharpness be adjusted?
You can do this by rolling the wheel on the top of the Gear headset in either direction.

What are the hygiene rules?
The equipment compatible with HypnoVR is cleaned/disinfected using the disinfection measures commonly employed in medical environments. For more details, please email us at

Does the headset get in the way when performing dental surgery?
Our tests show that the virtual reality headset is completely compatible with dental surgery.

Virtual reality hardware Hardware malfunction

What happens if the headset malfunctions during use?
If for any reason the headset malfunctions during a procedure, the patient is taken care of as they would be in traditional hypnosis.

Can the devices run out of battery?
Our user guides recommend battery thresholds below which the device should not be used. The devices can be easily recharged. For example, it takes 90 minutes to fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S7, and 1 hour 50 minutes to achieve 24 hours of battery life with the Bose headphones. It is possible to operate the device while the Samsung S7 is charging, but you will need a USB Type-C to Micro USB cable, which is not available with the Samsung S7 or the Gear VR.

Doesn’t Bluetooth cause problems with connected electrical devices?
No, an electromagnetic test was carried out, and it showed that using Bluetooth does not affect other medical equipment.

HypnoVR software Training

Do you need to be trained in hypnosis to use HypnoVR?
You do not need to be trained in hypnosis to use HypnoVR. HypnoVR was created to enable healthcare professionals to offer the benefits of medical hypnosis to as many patients as possible, whether or not they are trained in hypnosis.

HypnoVR software Therapeutic indications

What are the therapeutic indications for which HypnoVR can be used?
HypnoVR can be used in the treatment of pain, stress, and anxiety in numerous therapeutic indications. The primary therapeutic indications for HypnoVR are pediatric surgery, medically assisted reproduction, gastroenterology, oncology, and dental surgery. You can email us at for more information on the possible therapeutic indications for HypnoVR.

HypnoVR software Experiences

What hypnosis experiences are available with the HypnoVR software?
HypnoVR currently offers a combination of three visual experiences, four musical experiences, six therapeutic indications, and two voices (male and female).

HypnoVR software Users

Can HypnoVR be used by professionals in private practice?
HypnoVR can be used by healthcare professionals working privately as well as those working within health facilities.

HypnoVR software Use

Is the healthcare professional able to see what the patient sees inside the headset?
With the Oculus Rift, the healthcare professional has real-time feedback on what the patient can see. This feature will also be available on the Samsung Gear soon.

Is an internet connection required while using the software?
No, an internet connection is not required while using the device. A Wi-Fi connection is only required to download the app and content updates.

What happens if a procedure in which HypnoVR is being used takes longer than expected?
If the practitioner is anticipating a relatively long procedure, he or she can choose the duration that includes a loop mechanism, so the session can last for as long as necessary.

Does HypnoVR replace anesthesia during a procedure?
Most of the time, HypnoVR is used as an adjunct to anesthesia during a procedure. However, HypnoVR does allow a significant reduction in the drug doses used while also maintaining patient comfort. HypnoVR is also used outside the operating room and/or during painful or anxiety-inducing procedures for which an anesthesiologist is not necessarily always present.

HypnoVR software Updates

Are updates included in my subscription?
Depending on your subscription package, you automatically get access to our updates. To find out more about your subscription package, please email us at

Medical hypnosis General information

Is medical hypnosis effective?
The effectiveness of medical hypnosis in the treatment of pain, stress, and anxiety has been scientifically proven in more than 300 publications (source: PubMed).

What is the difference between medical hypnosis and stage hypnosis?
Medical hypnosis is reserved for medical use. It requires specific training, including university degrees where applicable.

Can I be manipulated when I’m in a medical hypnosis session?
Medical hypnosis is practiced by healthcare professionals and is subject to strict regulatory requirements. This is why HypnoVR is for healthcare professionals only—you therefore cannot be manipulated.

How do I know if I'm in a state of hypnosis?
The healthcare professional is able to observe the patient’s physiological state and assess his or her level of comfort. The professional can then determine the best therapeutic approach.

Is everybody receptive to medical hypnosis?
Studies show that around 80% of the population is receptive to medical hypnosis.

Can all procedures be performed under hypnosis?
Not all procedures qualify for the use of medical hypnosis. Your healthcare professional (anesthesiologist, dentist, nurse, etc.) will be able to advise you.